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Business Overview

A fundamental reason for building InScope was to give easy, fast, dynamic access to project data. The project data across your entire company is… last we checked… yours! InScope believes you should be able to see your project data, all of it, without spending days configuring dashboards or reports.

Project details view in InScope application

View All Your Projects Together

The InScope Projects home workspace provides complete insight to your entire business portfolio in one screen.

  • See the anticipated Budget and Schedule performance of your company’s entire project portfolio.

  • Use Filters to rapidly aggregate and analyze performance by Programs, Offices, and/or PMs

  • Identify problematic Projects at a glance without getting lost in the depth and complexity of your project data

  • Quickly assess and communicate about key Project and Scope details with Project Teams

  • View all your Pursuits, including what you’re spending and their win probabilities

  • Easily find past Project experience and content that demonstrates your firm’s skills and expertise

Project Management

The core of project management is managing Scopes, Costs, Resources, and Schedule. What’s even more critical is the relationship between these. InScope is designed for the easiest, fastest experience when building and managing these relationships.

Connection between scope items and resources

Scopes of work are directly related to Resources in a table view.

To allocate resources by hours, type the # of hours per resource in the cell corresponding with each scope element, then move to the next cell. It’s like every spreadsheet you’ve ever made – you’re welcome.

The InScope interface is 30x faster than other project management software.

Connection between scope items, resources, and finances

Leverage relationships for better understanding.

With a Scope to Resource relationship, Budgets & Costs related to Scope elements are easily derived by multiplying Resource unit amounts by their dollar per unit rates (or enter total dollar Costs in InScope and it will set the unit amounts).

Resource rates are either obtained from the Company’s rate table or from a rate table customized for a given Project.

Connection between scope items and finances

The InScope Gantt tool establishes the classic relationship between Scope and Time, i.e. a Project Schedule.

InScope Gantts are fast and easy to develop and adjust as your Project progresses. They’re also automatically connected to the other parts of InScope, such as resources and workload.

Connection between scope items, resources, and time

Scope to Time and Scope to Resources relationships make the Resource to Time relationship a snap using InScope Workloads.

The Resource amounts forecast for all Scope elements display directly in Workloads based on the Scope element’s Schedules. And Workload adjustments can be applied back to your Project’s Scope element schedule and units forecast with just a click.

Finally… Relationships + Usability!

Scope as a connection between scope items, resources, finances, and time

Finally, there’s a program and project management software that’s simple to operate, easy to manage and makes all the right connections effortless.

Start an InScope free trial to see it for yourself.

Financial Management

Managing program & project finances should be easy. That’s why a financial framework is embedded directly into the InScope interface. The framework uses four basic rules:

  1. Budget

    Your Project has a Budget and sometimes it changes. To manage the Budget, simply set the hours and expenses planned or approved by your client at any desired Scope level.

  2. Actuals

    Your Project has Actual costs. Hours and expenses spent from the Budget because of personnel hours charged (in Timesheets), expenses incurred (in Expenses), and work billed

  3. Remaining

    Budget - Actual = Remaining. Actual costs deducted from the Budget automatically provide your Remaining Budget.

  4. Forecast

    The Remaining Budget rarely equals the real costs needed to finish a Scope of work. Forecast allows you to…well, forecast the costs you think remain. If rework is required, you might increase Forecasts. If your team is ahead of schedule, you might decrease Forecasts.

Financial Data Results

Now you have Budget, Actual, Remaining, and Forecast for Every Project! InScope’s Projects Overview workspace offers you quick and easy insight into how all your Projects are performing. And use the side Filters to see performance by Program, Project Manager, Tags, and much more.

Finally, you have the financial framework you can use, right on your screen!

And you didn’t have to ask Accounting!
We’re sure you’re bummed.

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With Personnel hours forecast to Scope elements on every Project and the time span of Scope elements established by Project schedules, InScope Workloads provides the all-important comprehensive view of Personnel allocations across all Projects & Scopes.

Workloads view in InScope application

Workloads allows you to answer critical questions:

Time & Cost Tracking

“I love filling out my timesheet.” – said no-one ever.

InScope may not be able to make you fall in love with submitting time and expenses, but it can make it fast and easy.

Simple Time Entry

Select and submit any time-range that works for you.

  1. Use the “Chargeable” setting on any Scope element to control where time or expenses are charged.

  2. Just three clicks get you ready to detail any entry.

  3. Don’t feel like writing a memo for every time or expense entry? Select from lists of more detailed non-chargeable Scope elements to go fast, but still provide your clients’ detail.

Woman using timesheet InScope software

Subs Management

Building a project team frequently extends beyond your internal personnel. InScope is designed to give you total flexibility in how you assemble and allocate project work among your subcontracted partners.

Subs Management UI view
  • Scope

    Manage the Scope directly related to a Subcontract.

  • Manage

    Pull Scope from multiple Projects into one Subcontract.

  • On Target

    Keep your Subs on target by managing all Change Orders and Bills in one screen.

  • Framework

    Use the same Embedded Financial Framework for a Subcontract as on a Project.

  • Link

    Link a Subcontract Schedule to its Projects or manage it independently.

  • Search

    Search the history and performance of your Subs.

The InScope Subs workspace is all about delivering the best possible results for your clients and your company. Achieve unprecedented insight and control of Sub activity across all your projects.


Simple Reporting

  • Finished building and detailing your Scope? Use the Scope of Services report to get it ready for your client’s review or the contract execution.
  • Generate a traditional Scope & Fee Report using the Budget Report for any project – just like your spreadsheet.
  • Create the backup you need for client invoices using the Invoice Backup Summary or Detail reports.
  • Within Timesheets or Expenses, you can output the details of all entries over any desired timespan with virtually any set of filters.

Like just what you have filtered on the screen?

The majority of InScope on-screen grids are exportable just as they appear, filters included.

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